Evelyn Bowden and Kimberly West are both Veterinary Doctors in Columbus, Ohio. Health and Harmony Animal Hospital of Grandview, Ohio opened its doors in October of 2012 after long-time friends, Evelyn Bowden and Kim West decided the Columbus area needed a unique companion animal practice. Following their personal experiences the veterinary doctors created a list of qualities they wanted their veterinary practice to embody.  They desired a veterinary hospital that worked closely with local pet rescue organizations, they wanted to be located in and support a close knit community like Grandview, and they wanted the vet hospital to be modern but remain appealing and comfortable.

They wanted to offer a better experience to the client and their pets. To do this the veterinarians knew that they would need to be a technologically forward veterinary practice, they would need the most up to date veterinary equipment, the most caring and dedicated staff, and they wanted to offer more than just your standard veterinary hospital. With the doctor's combined knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine and their vision of a warm and inviting community centered practice, Health and Harmony Animal Hospital was born.

Veterinary Offerings for Cats & Dogs

When you walk through the front door of Health & Harmony, our first goal is to create a true partnership with the client because your pet’s whole health – mind, body and soul – is our passion. Drs. West and Bowden understand the importance of taking time to discuss all aspects of your pet’s care and lifestyle in a relaxed atmosphere. Feel pampered with a cup of coffee or hot tea as your dog enjoys peanut butter or your cat watches wildlife outside while resting on a plush cat tree. We succeed when we make the visit a positive one for you and your furry kids!

Our experienced staff provides traditional, Western veterinary medicine complimented with optional Eastern practices when creating the partnership in your pet’s health. Health & Harmony offers routine surgical veterinary services and in-house laboratory services, digital radiography, pet dental cleanings and care with full-mouth digital x-rays and hospitalized care. Consultative ultrasound services provided by a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist are available by appointment. As a “pro-claw” practice, we support alternative solutions to traditional declawing of cats including Soft Paws and positive reinforcement training.  We are listed on www.declaw.com along with a small percentage of “Pro-Claw” veterinary hospitals across the country.



Digital Radiography

Providing optimal image quality, we utilize Sound-Eklin digital radiography equipment for our body and dental x-rays. Digital radiography provides the best image quality with the most minimal amount of exposure, reducing stress in our patients and decreasing wait times for images to be reviewed with you. Should a referral be necessary for your pet, a digital image can easily be sent to one of our referral partners with the touch of a button.

As a courtesy to our clients, we also offer on-site ultrasound diagnostics by a board-certified veterinarian. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment for this service.



Diagnostic Testing

Health and Harmony offers several diagnostic tests in-house or in partnership with local veterinary laboratories and OSU Veterinary Hospital. For immediate results focusing on more critical cases and surgical patients, we can provide in-house bloodwork and chemistry panels. Testing for canine heartworm, canine parvovirus, feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) can be quickly accomplished with a small blood sample. Urinalysis and glucose curves are available, and bacterial infections can be diagnosed with ear swabs or skin scrapings. Our doctors are skilled in assessing skin disorders from microscopic samples to determine if surgical removal and/or biopsy for internal or external masses are necessary.


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Evelyn Bowden and Kimberly West are both Veterinary Doctors in Columbus, Ohio.

Evelyn Bowden and Kimberly West are both Veterinary Doctors in Columbus, Ohio.