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Our philosophy is simple: we treat your pet just as we do our own pets in all aspects of care, including anesthesia and surgery. Each pet receives a pre-anesthetic examination by one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians and pre-anesthetic bloodwork and will be evaluated prior to any major anesthetic procedure to make sure your pet’s systems are functioning appropriately. We create an individualized anesthetic protocol based on type of animal, age, breed, health of each patient, as well as type of surgery they will be undergoing. All patients undergoing routine surgical procedures or dental treatments will receive fluid support throughout their procedure.

Grandview, Ohio pet surgeon for dogs and cats, 43212

In our state of the art surgical suite patient safety is our number one priority! Your pet will be monitored with a multifaceted approach using equipment such as blood pressure monitor, an EKG, a pulse oximetry/SP02 probe, and an End Tidal C02 monitor. Plus, we have a Registered Veterinary Technician who continuously monitors your pet’s vital signs throughout each procedure because no amount of elaborate monitoring equipment truly replaces a skilled Veterinary Technician.

Ensuring your pet recovers safely and calmly, we have recovery areas equipped with warming devices and staff who never leave your pet unattended until they are safely able to go back to their kennel. Pain medications appropriate for your pet’s level of discomfort will always be dispensed with any procedure.

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Columbus/Grandview Veterinary Surgery for Cats and Dogs

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Grandview, Ohio pet surgeon for dogs and cats, 43212

Grandview, Ohio pet surgeon for dogs and cats, 43212